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Labels are really confusing...

I have a love-hate relationship with them.  I understand their necessity and like finding labels that comfortably fit me.  It helps to give me a group of people to "belong to" in a sense.  That's the upside of a label.  Sure, there's labels that society gives you that you won't be able to help because they're true.  I'm female and black and a young adult.  All true.  Can't question them (rather in the case of gender some people question theirs...I have no reason to).  But the ones I give to myself in order to find a group of people to relate to...those are the hardest.  I'm always questioning whether or not it's an appropriate label for me.  Maybe it's close to what I feel or believe.  Like in the case of "therianthropy".  I don't always relate to others who consider themselves therians or otherkin.  Mostly 'cause my experiences and beliefs about it don't seem nearly similar to others, but at the same time it's just similar enough that I just use the label because there's nothing else.  But it never seems to fit so I try to use something different like "animal person".  But it isn't the same...that term could also mean a person who really cares for animals or a person who prefers the company of animals over other works but at the same time it's not specific enough.

And for about a year I wouldn't call myself a furry because I had no idea what that term meant.  Every person in that fandom creates a new definition for themselves.  But eventually I just got comfortable enough with that label.  Because I draw animals and have an interest in animal/creature costumes, people would give me that label anyways.  So I just caved and used it.  And it's one of the rare labels that actually fit.  It fits for what I enjoy drawing and the subject of art I enjoy the most.  It fits because I've always had a stronger interest in cosplaying animal characters (like Pokemon or Digimon) more than their human counterparts. 

And "otaku" might not be a preferred term once you know the actual connotations behind the term.  But it's the adopted term for an American fan of Japanese animation and if you're a fan of it, you're not going to escape it.

As for something like spirituality or religion I call myself an agnostic theist.  It's the closest thing I can come up with.  Not atheist, not Christian...not a Pagan, not New Age or anything else.  Plus plain "agnostic" doesn't work either.

I have nothing against labels but I just wish that sometimes they could be clearer.  And that's why I dislike them a bit.  Because sometimes you'll never find labels that quite fit your beliefs or interests.  You can try to make something up but even then you won't come completely close.

I was gonna write more but it's 1 in the morning.  Anything else I was gonna say just isn't in my head anymore.
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