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Subjective Reality vs. Objective Reality
Ah, just when I thought I was running out of things to rant about...

Signed in to yahoo mail to a notice from a reply from a thread on a forum that I hadn't been on in about 2 years.  I'd signed in sparingly just to see what conversations were going on but for talking, I hadn't been on it in about 2 years.  In this response, the person insinuated that I need to be respectful of other subjective realities.  That the fact that I don't believe the same thing they do angered them, and that I better "have the nuts" to be able to stand up to someone and tell them that I don't believe the same thing that they do and that they should believe the same.

First of all...I'm a girl so if I had "nuts" that would be awkward.  Secondly, yes I will gladly stand up to someone and tell them that I don't believe the same thing they do.  I do it all the time.  My mother knows I'm not Christian.  My friends know I'm not Christian.  I've gotten into spirituality conversations with them.  Outside of the spirituality front, I'm in a conversation with a friend now where we both have different ideas on how we should film this idea.  She's more for filming it now with whatever we have; not really letting too many people in on the idea.  I'm more for careful planning and getting good equipment and letting others in on the idea because they can help.  I don't believe her way to go about it is completely right and I'm sure she doesn't believe my way is right either.  We'll agree to disagree and go on our way and plan a way to make it work.

But if you're claim is that reality is subjective you've lost the right to get upset at my beliefs.  Why?  Because by your own definition, reality is subjective.  My beliefs are equally as right as yours are.  Why, if reality is subjective, are my beliefs wrong and yours right?  If reality is truly subjective and if you truly believe that reality is subjective you cannot be objective about the belief that reality is subjective.  Because you're stating an absolute truth about reality which not even you subscribe to.

If I decide to view a fandom that I belong to as "not spiritual" that is the way I see it.  Fandoms are people who come together because of a mutual interest.  Whether it's anime, sci-fi, comics, furry...whatever it is.  At it's base level they're about the community, the thing you're coming together over, the friends, the experiences.  And while some people might have some sort of spiritual feeling with their fandom, that does not mean that the fandom is a spiritual thing in and of itself.  This is what I believe.  I will not change that belief because it upsets someone who believes differently.  Just as I won't become a Christian because my mother would like me to.  Or be impulsive about filming this idea because my friend would like it.

(The conversation was about fandoms to a degree and thus why I brought it up.)

At some point I think I believed reality was subjective too.  Until I read something very interesting...The statement that reality is subjective is an objective one.  If others don't believe that reality is subjective that means that they're wrong and you're right.  Well if reality is subjective that means that both groups are equally right doesn't it?  So I don't subscribe to the believe in subjective reality anymore.  Does this mean that I disrespect the beliefs of others?  Not at all.  My philosophy is that people can believe whatever they want to believe so long as 1) you are still a sane and stable person capable of holding a job and taking care of your responsibilities and 2) you don't force them on me.  So go ahead.  Be an Atheist, Agnostic, Pantheist, Pagan, Wiccan, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Shaman, New Age, Witch, Otaku, Furry, Tokusatsu fan, Comic Book fan...Believe you're a vampire, werewolf, mermaid, fairy, angel, demon...I really don't care.  If you can explain yourself in a rational manner I'll respect that and I'll leave it at that.  I reserve the right to be skeptical of different beliefs (even skeptical of myself) and I reserve the right to say I don't agree with you/feel the same as you, but I respect you and what you believe even though I don't share them.

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People on forums are rather trolls. They make comments and never really get what they are saying.

I don't think I could say that this person was a troll. Trolls tend to just say things that are rude just to get a rise out of someone. While his assumption that I was disrespectful got to me, the rest of his statement was rather well thought out.

Sadly, I don't think he understands that his ideas contradict each other...

I tend to see it as have anything to do with anything of subjective reality, its just a community/fandom which is hodgepodge of different people who like different things and define things differently. Maybe for some people its spiritual, but others it isn’t in some ways or anther depending on how things are spiritual for them. For me, I place in the fandom is not spiritual in the least. I’m in it because I like the books, movies, and art. I’m getting something out of it that another person might not care for.

Oh, and good to see ya again.

- Earth Listener

That's how I see it. Though from what I see, even if spirituality is strongly connected to someone's fandom, it's usually something that they believed before that can be strongly connected to the fandom. Not to say they can't have a sort of spiritual connection with it. I personally don't see the fandom as spiritual.

Good to see you again too.

I’ve been reading through this add_me community because the LJ friends I’ve had since 2000 don’t really update, anymore, and I’m hoping for thoughtful content. Let me know if you would trying to be friends. My name’s Autumn, I stop shoplifters for a living, love animals, and half dork and half dead-serious. I just became ‘friends only’ but there is plenty of visible content if you want to preview my stuff.

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