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Thinking out loud...

Really don't mind me much here. 

I'm trying to re-design Sombra.  I feel she needs a change as I go from this change from graduating college to the working/real world.  I want her to not reflect who I am now but rather the sort of person I want to be.  Not to say that I don't want bits and pieces of my actual personality reflected in her personality and her design.  But I want her to have aspects to her personality that I don't have.  And I want her design to reflect the sort of person who can stand out in a crowd.  Not necessarily by being brightly colored.  I don't think that being a "sparkle dog" is for her.  But I want her to stand out via her markings, expressions, stature, and possibly her breeds (as she'll still be a mutt).

Personality wise, I want her to be optimistic and very confident (not cocky, but just confident).  But very kind, playful, and happy as well.  I want her to be outgoing.  Not necessarily needing to be the center of attention, but also not afraid to be in social situations.  She'd be happy to make herself known and talk to new people.  Also she's comfortable with who she is with her odd interests and eccentricities.  And honestly this part might be the part that's reflective on my personality though I might exaggerate it a little bit.  She's still into nerdy things and will proudly wear that "nerdiness" on her sleeve via more creative methods (creating her own clothing based off of characters she likes.  Not cosplay...fairly tame, wearable outfits).  Back to things that are unlike myself and going back to the "being comfortable in her skin" concept, she won't allow others to dictate what it is she can or can't wear.  If she wants to look feminine, she will.  If she wants to look a bit more tomboy-ish, then she will.

Generally she'll look for the best in people and in life.  She wants to get as much out of the world as she can.  She values the time spent with her friends and loved ones.  As for a not nearly so positive trait about her...well I guess it depends on how you take it.  Loyalty is a very positive thing.  But she'll harbor a bit of resentment towards those who are unapologetic about speaking ill of people she loves.  Not violent about it.  But very passive aggressive.  Which may or may not be worse since you sometimes can't tell if she's very upset about it or not.  This isn't to say she wouldn't try and fight back if someone close to her was being hurt physically.  She might not be a good fighter but her loyalty pushes her to try which might backfire for her.

But not only do I want her to reflect the person that I want to be and a bit of myself as I am now, I do want her to be reflective of being a therian.  When I initially created Sombra it was to try to figure out what it was that I felt like on the inside.  To try to be more narrow than just "canine".  Whether therianthropy is a psychological or spiritual phenomenon is of no consequence.  It's something that I feel.  That being said, at the time I did feel like therianthropy was spiritual.  And I was a bit more of a spiritual person.  So to sit down and just draw some form of canine felt a little...easier I guess.  Creating a drawing of a "spiritual" concept/idea feels easier than trying to illustrate a psychological construct.  Not to mention that I have no intention of narrowing down my personal therianthropy to anything other than just general canine.  Not necessarily a wolf or any specific domestic dog or any other canine.  Just canine.  And that's hard.  That's one reason I feel like Sombra needs a change.  I'd specifically made her a Malamute/Finnish Spitz mix because at the time I felt that those two breeds were the closest to what I felt like.  With some better understanding of myself, I feel like whatever my mind picks up and interprets as "canine" are just things I pick up from either seeing the behavior of various canines, watching shows about dogs/with a lot of dogs in them, and (of course) a general interest (bordering on obsession when I was younger) with animal transformation/werewolves.  So what I feel like on the inside and the awkward behaviors I exhibit sometimes are nothing but a giant mash of various things my mind decided to hold on to for some odd reason. 

In that sense I guess it doesn't matter what sort of dog/canine I'd decide to make her.  I could make her a type of dog I like.  But I'd like to try to find breeds that would fit well with that sort of personality I laid out above.  Granted I know that each dog has it's own personality within their own breeds, but there's still a basic personality outline that each breed has.  I haven't quite been able to let go of Alaskan Malamute as a possibility.  But there's other breeds that I'd like to try to mix and match with that.  Poodle is one.  I'm not quite sure if there's anything else I'd add to the mix.  Also I'm not quite sure if I'd want to give Sombra ears that are perked up or ones that're floppy.  I don't think I can see her with floppy ears (as much as I love them).  So I'm not sure if making her a poodle mix would work as I haven't seen a poodle mix that didn't have floppy ears.

I also want to thin her stature out.  Not like...sighthound thin.  But maybe the sort of build a Siberian husky would have.  But I not a Siberian husky.  The one thing I want of her is I want to be able to have her style her hair/fur in dreadlocks when she's in anthro form.  Same with her tail.  So maybe she doesn't need a poodle's coat (or anything like a Bergamasco, Puli, or Komondor).  But a longer coat would work well if she wants to style it up in dreads.  Maybe...something like a Standard Poodle/Alaskan Malamute/Rough Collie...?  It would give her the coat and slenderness necessary but still retain color patters, ears, and the curl of the Malamute tail.  As well as a little bit of a Malamute's build.  Again, I'm not quite sure.  I'll have to sketch that out to see how that would look.  Both a non-anthro and anthro form as well as an anthro form with the dreads.

Meh, it's a bit late now and I should go to bed.  But I think I've thought about this enough.  I'll have to revisit and read over this again in the morning.  Maybe I'll come up with something new.  I doubt I'll have a design set anytime soon.  But it is something that I think I will do.  Or at least will try to do.
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